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With help from friends like you, Jen's Friends is able to support an average of 80+ families at approximate cost of over $40,000 of financial support every month.

There are many ways you can support Jen's Friends:

Jen’s Friends is 100% volunteer-driven, allowing all money donated to Jen’s Friends to go directly to those who need it in the Mount Washington Valley.  When you volunteer for Jen’s Friends, you make a difference in many lives, not least of all your own.

We typically need help in these areas:

  • Preparing for our major fundraising eventsAnnual Climb (September) and Golf Tournament (June), require all types of skills such as sales, marketing, and muscle

  • Data entry

  • Merchandise coordination

  • Hands-on assistance at various events throughout the year

Please email us with your interest for volunteering.


The secret to our success has been the incredible support that the businesses within the Mount Washington Valley region and beyond have provided to Jen’s Friends Cancer Foundation. Our sponsors have shown an unparalleled commitment to the cancer patients and their families. This support has defrayed the cost of operations in general and for the Climb Against Cancer specifically. Learn more.


It’s easy to raise money for Jen’s Friends by hosting fundraiser. Doing so can can make a difference in the lives of those friends and families battling cancer here in Mount Washington Valley. 


Some fundraising examples:

  • Birthday party

  • Athletic event

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Social media event or blitz; e.g., Ice Challenge

Lemondae stand 1.png
penguin june promo.png

The Penguin Gallery created

"Mystery Bags" with proceeds going to Jen's Friends

Local students Harper and Kylie wanted to help so they held a lemonade stand

amulets 1.jpg



Purchase one of our popular amulets. Our amulets were created by Susie Eastman Walton, a jewelry maker from Colorado, in honor of her brother Steve Eastman who was battling brain cancer. She created a simple unisex leather necklace with a silver word tag featuring one of the above five words for members of their family to wear as a symbol – or amulet — of hope and unity.

The Jen’s Friends amulet features a sterling silver hand-stamped pendant on a unisex leather necklace in one of two lengths: 16 or 18 inches. The pendant is inscribed with one of these five powerful words: believe, strength, hope, faith, and courage. Just as the Eastman family did, we encourage you to wear a Jen’s Friends amulet as a symbol of loving support.


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